Vancouver’s Musette Caffè

Opened late last month by former clothing buyer and amateur cycling enthusiast, Thomas Eleizegui, Musette Caffè, the city’s first cycling-themed café, is a shrine to European biking culture, from the vintage jerseys and “musettes” (bags used to feed racers and, incidentally, where the café took its name) on the walls, … Read More

Downhill Delirium: Mountain Biking in Calgary

Though you’ve retired your skis or snowboard for the summer, you can still look to the mountains for your summer adrenaline fix. Careening down steep pitches can be a year-round activity; all you need are two wheels, a helmet and balls of steel. Herewith, Calgary’s top mountain biking spots. Canada … Read More

New Year’s Day in Toronto

For many, New Year’s Day means waking up around noon, and spending the remaining daylight hours trying to feel human again. For those bold enough to venture outside tomorrow, here are some ways to spend the first day of 2009. Nachos: At Sneaky Dee’s, grease is the word. Choose from … Read More

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