Return of the Raptors

Twenty years ago, an up and coming R&B singer by the name of Mark Morrison released a smash single entitled “Return of the Mack”, a song that detailed an ugly breakup with his significant other, and how lost he became without her when it first took place. However, the song’s … Read More

The Demise of the LA Lakers

Over the centuries, throughout the history of civilization, there have been many renaissance periods for different kingdoms. The Roman Empire, the Zulu Nation, and the Ming Dynasty stood tall for many years. However, there would always come a point in time where those empires would come crashing down, having to … Read More

Knowing It’s Over

Moral of the story: you either exit gracefully of your own choice, or you hang on until it’s embarrassing. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

People who Shoot Elephants, and More

Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant? – GQ “In addition to airfare, ammo, and equipment costs (the antique double-barreled Holland & Holland rifle Robyn bought for the trip typically sells for about $80,000), the Waldrips are paying Jeff Rann $60,000 for the privilege of shooting the animal, at least $10,000 … Read More

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