A good manager, like a good NHL coach, knows when to pull the goalie

Whichever team wins the Stanley Cup this spring, this will be true of its head coach: he will previously have been fired as an NHL head coach. All eight teams in the second round of the post-season were being led by a man who previously had been shown the door … Read More

People who Shoot Elephants, and More

Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant? – GQ “In addition to airfare, ammo, and equipment costs (the antique double-barreled Holland & Holland rifle Robyn bought for the trip typically sells for about $80,000), the Waldrips are paying Jeff Rann $60,000 for the privilege of shooting the animal, at least $10,000 … Read More

A Successful Sports Team Means More People Having Sex

How would you celebrate if, say, the Oilers—or Leafs, Canucks, Habs . . . you get the idea—started winning big games? Well, you might celebrate by getting lucky. That’s the gist of a study published in the British Medical Journal. In 2009, the people of Catalonia, Spain, were overjoyed when … Read More

NHL Canadian Team Preview

The NHL season is almost upon us, and hockey fans across Canada are wondering if their team will be the one to break the twenty-year drought of Canadian teams not winning the Stanley Cup. Compared to the 2011-2012 season, where just two Canadian teams made the playoffs, this season boasts … Read More

Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper

So, you have the signed jerseys of your favourite players, puck girl calendars, action figures, framed tickets stubs of your first game, and all kinds of other NHL memorabilia; what else is there for the hockey nut in your life who doesn’t have everything, but sure as hell wants it? … Read More

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