Authorities Used DNA From Genealogy Site To Catch Golden State Killer

Using genealogical websites, U.S. authorities apprehended a notorious serial killer/rapist from California three decades after he began his trail of terror. Investigators collected DNA from the crime scene of the Golden State Killer and found a DNA match with one of his relatives through an online genetic profile. This led … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg

Majority Rethink Facebook Use Following Data Mining Revelation

Some Canadians are thinking of deleting their Facebook accounts and many others are planning on modifying their use of the social media platform after it was recently revealed that the company has been mining users’ data. Seventy-three percent said they would be changing their Facebook habits, according to a survey … Read More

Digital Drivers Licence

Digital Driver’s License Becoming A Reality

The main purpose of a driver’s license is to confirm identity and prove one’s right to operate a vehicle. Imagine being pulled over for a traffic offence and handing over your smartphone instead of a physical driver’s license. Citizens in New South Wales, Australia, will have access to digital driver’s … Read More

KPro's alipay terminal

Alipay Makes Buying Food Easy—Privacy, Not So Much

Through the magic of machine learning and facial recognition, Chinese restaurant-goers are now able to use Alipay to order and purchase delicious chicken using their face. What is Alipay? Job advocates may complain about how computer terminals are slowly replacing human cashiers at places like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons, but … Read More

How Much Will You Pay For An App That Respects Your Privacy?

It’s the Internet’s newest favourite adage: if you don’t pay for a product, you are the product. There’s a lot of truth there. Free online services generally harvest your data in some way or another and sell the information to advertisers—if you’re lucky. Most users are aware of that—but how … Read More

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