France’s Macron is the centre’s political litmus test

Emmanuel Macron is a centrist at a time in global politics when, to borrow from Yeats, it had seemed as if the centre cannot hold. But with his victory in the French presidential election it has held, if only for now. Germans vote in September, Britain is moving towards its … Read More

Why We Can’t Talk Politics

Problem Every political opinion piece you post on Facebook seems doomed to sea of shrieking partisans and blustering uncles. Why can’t we just have a civilized discussion? Reality Our brains aren’t good at seeing politics in philosophical terms, but, according to a study in Cognition, “. . . political affiliation … Read More

24-Hour Transit in Calgary

When Naheed Nenshi campaigned for Mayor of Calgary in 2010, one of the focal points of his campaign’s platform was to make Calgary Transit a better option for our city’s commuters. “All you have to do is try to use it and you will immediately see that it’s not about … Read More

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