holding Hands

Here’s Why You Should Hold Your Partner’s Hand

If your partner is in pain, the simple act of holding hands will help ease his or her suffering. Holding hands syncs up people’s heart rates and brain wave patterns. The more empathy someone feels for their partner, the more their brain waves connect, which helps the pain go away, … Read More

Our Empathy is Limited By Our Own Experience

Despite what Ayn Rand devotees think (or assume, because “think” is a bit of a strong word for Objectivism), empathy plays and important role in our society—in the sense that without empathy, we probably wouldn’t have a society at all. However, empathy has an egocentric factor too, in that our … Read More

Notes of Werner Herzog, CEO Pay, and Bourdain in the Congo

White Pride in My Classroom – Salon Face-to-face with a white supremacist, a professor of English The Sky-High Club – The New Yorker There’s little evidence that high CEO pay leads to better company performance, but compensation packages keep rising. Dribbling Man – Grantland Richard Swanson launched a quixotic quest … Read More

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