Keeping Her Happy #550

In the throes of early relationship bliss, we’re inclined to want to shut out the nagging voice in our heads telling us that x, y and z of your characteristics won’t cut it in the long term. But when the proverbial honeymoon’s over and reason rears its ugly head, here are some surprising deal-breakers that could cut our coupling short.

Your Family
If we meet a guy with a great family, we might just like him a little more. Unfortunately, it works both ways. If we’re turned off by your kin, because they’re difficult or unwelcoming or downright rude, we’ll not only worry about strained family functions, but about whether you yourself will start to manifest the unattractive behaviour.

Your Sense of Humour
The spark of physical attraction, warmth of shared values and thrill of good looks can conceal the fact that, well, you’re just not funny. Or, in less harsh terms, that we have a different sense of humour. Basically, when the sex gives out, we’re going to need someone who can make us laugh.

Your Sense of Adventure
If you’re strictly vanilla and we’ve been arrested for public sexual misconduct — and liked it — we may get frustrated and start to fantasize about a partner who’s less prudish. If, on the flipside, your devil-may-care spirit attracted us at first, we may eventually question your reckless attitude.

Your Vices
When we first started dating, the sight of you sucking on a cigarette was sexy, the heavy drinking made you fun. Over time, however, your substance use becomes less charming, more compulsive. We may need to quit you.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Her Happy #550”

  1. Hmm, well from my own experience i’d have to say this list cuts fully both ways ladies.

    The spin of a lot of these columns, xx on xy? Pretty astoundingly sexist dear editors.

    What, men don’t care if a woman’s family is dysfunctional or rude? If they are a boar or have no sense of humor? If they are dull or reckless – immoderate in either case? And if your honey turns into a junky, not a lot of boys will put up with that forever unless they too are on the nod.

    Smokers breath, yuck!

    I mean, if this is supposed to be an advice column, how about something other than the obvious, and something that might actually count as an insight into men from women, rather than a pretty petty and universal list of really general turn offs.

    Just about ready to unsubscribe to this dull and un-self reflective web site that seems more concerned with how high my socks are than anything really of use or depth.


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