Parents, Daughters, and Caring How Much a Boyfriend Makes

Parents care how much their daughter’s boyfriend makes. Or, more to the point, they care that he makes enough so that they won’t have to care. According to a study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour, resources are a factor in how much parents approve of their daughter’s boyfriend, but … Read More

Meet the Parents

Hey, Boyfriend-in-a-serious-relationship! I know you’re aware that the holidays are around the corner (Hanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, Festivus, etc.). So I’m also sure you know what that means: time to meet the parents! Aw, that’s really sweet that you’re nervous about the milestone. Sure beats an ex-boyfriend of mine who, … Read More

Montreal: Last-Minute Valentine’s

We realize it’s difficult to buy original, sentimental, and all the while loving gifts to celebrate St-Valentin. Such tokens must express not just thoughtfulness, but also, somehow, a meaningful statement about your relationship. No pressure. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves: We are men, and we are busy. DailyXY has Montreal … Read More

Vancouver: Last-Minute Valentine’s

Yes, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Possibly, you have not shopped for the lady in your life. If you have done so, bravo, but studies show most men leave gift-buying until the last minute. Unlike Christmas, should you still be seeking that perfect gift (well, or that functional one), the shelves … Read More

Calgary: Last-Minute Valentine’s

A trivial Hallmark holiday to some, and to others, the only day of the year couples can express unbridled devotion: Valentine’s Day is a strange 24-hour period. If not having to worry about a gift until the last minute is a sign your relationship is in a stress-free coast, congrats. … Read More

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