Man vs. Wedding

According to Weddingbells’ 2010 reader survey, published earlier this summer, 17 percent of couples start arguing more frequently after becoming engaged. Avoid pre-wedding conflict by knowing your role and taking on the most man-friendly wedding tasks.

Get the Wheels (and Beds)
Take initiative to secure a good hotel rate for out-of-towners, and arrange travel to and from the wedding. Book the limo for the wedding party and, if your celebration is in a remote area, a bus for guests.

Orchestrate the Music
Seek out some stellar DJs or bands, and have a listening session with your lady. When you’ve decided on the soundtrack, take care of the booking. Ensure your venue has an adequate sound system and book one if not. Have a tech-savvy friend on hand to troubleshoot.

Get Booze
You can taste wines together, but overseeing the booze, and ensuring the bar is well-stocked, is a good job for you to handle. For bonus points, work with the bartender to develop a special cocktail for your celebration.

Reign in the Budget
Budgets are soaring, according to Weddingbells, with weddings costing about $20,000 on average. Don’t go deep into debt saying, “I do.” Make a budget and stick to it. Skip the chocolate fountain, and she’ll thank you on the honeymoon.

Groom Your Groomsmen
Work far ahead to make sure your groomsmen are looking sharp. Join your lady at the flower shop and order them boutonnieres. And then, do your best to ensure they don’t get wasted at the reception and hit on your new sister-in-law.

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