The Jennifer Lawrence Show

In the wake of Hollywood’s Weekend of Various and Sundry Awards, there are remarkably few things you need to know.

1. Ben Affleck thanked Canada for helping him win Best Picture.
2. The Onion felt remorse after calling a 9-year-old girl a name typically reserved for 18th-century German philosophers.
3. Seth McFarlane was bad.
4. Nobody gives a shit about The Independent Spirit Awards.
5. Except when Jennifer Lawrence looks like this:


and this:


Really, this is the most important thing you missed.

full-size-6 full-size full-size-5  full-size-3 full-size-1

Oh, and of course, GIFs.



Not to mention detailed analysis by the crack celebrity fall analysts at Vulture.

All in all, good work, internet.

[Images courtesy of The Superficial]

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