Al Franken’s Resignation is a Low Point for Feminism

On Thursday, Al Franken announced plans to resign from his Senate seat.  The process for replacing him will depend on when exactly he chooses to resign – here’s a summary of scenarios. In almost any event, though, the Republicans and especially Donald Trump just got stronger.  The actions of Donald … Read More

Hollywood is facing a rising challenger from Asia

Baahubali 2 set a record during the first weekend of May when it secured the best-ever opening weekend for an Indian movie in the US. It made US$10.1 million and even finished ahead of The Circle. This can be treated as a sign that Hollywood is facing a rising challenger from … Read More

The Jennifer Lawrence Show

In the wake of Hollywood’s Weekend of Various and Sundry Awards, there are remarkably few things you need to know. 1. Ben Affleck thanked Canada for helping him win Best Picture. 2. The Onion felt remorse after calling a 9-year-old girl a name typically reserved for 18th-century German philosophers. 3. Seth … Read More

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