Calgary’s Best Comfort Foods

Sometimes, on winter’s coldest days, you just want a big hug from your mom. Since your mom’s not always around, and admitting this desire would be somewhat emasculating, we advise that you seek comfort in food, instead. Here, Calgary’s best comfort foods.

Mac and Cheese at FARM
Forget KD. This is gourmet macaroni and cheese from Calgary cheese-queen Janice Beaton. It’s gooey, rich and bubbling hot with a golden breadcrumb crust. 1006 17 Ave SW. 403-245-2276.

Soup and Sandwich at the Rustic Sourdough Bakery
The basic sandwich is taken up a notch. Made to order with fresh European-style bread, topped with deli cheeses and meats, lunch gets even better with a bowl of rich, homemade chowder, soup or chili. 1305 17th Avenue SW. 403-245-2113.

Simple Simon Pies
In Britain – a moist, perpetually grey and cold place – they’ve long known that pies are a great antidote to winter blues. Here, classics like shepherd’s pie are offered alongside creative pies like the Jamaican beef curry pie. 1235 26 Avenue S.E., 403-205-3475.

Eggs Benedict at Diner Deluxe
While you can’t go wrong with anything at this perpetually busy ’50s diner, the classic, Canadian bacon Benny – slathered in gooey Hollandaise – is choice number one for ice-cold hungover mornings. 804 Edmonton Trail NE. 403-276-5499.

Bucket of Cacon at The District
This watering hole with locally sourced food smokes its own bacon and serves it in a metal bucket with a side of maple syrup for dipping. Bacon. Syrup. Beer. Why are you still reading this? 607 11th Avenue SW. 403-233-2433.

Image courtesy of rick.

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