Pursuit’s 2019 Thanksgiving Spirits Guide

Thanksgiving is coming up – Oct. 14 – and if you’re wondering what kinds of unique drinks to serve to your guests, look no further than this year’s Spirits Guide. It’s here we’ll give you the rundown of some of our favorite alcoholic beverages to bring a little more joy … Read More

5 Ways to Celebrate the Averted LCBO Strike

The rest of Canada may be rolling their eyes at us, but Ontario is celebrating: the LCBO won’t be striking. That’s good news for people who love fun and hate protracted labour disruptions everywhere; although, more realistically, “everywhere” in this case means people from Ontario who aren’t within driving distance … Read More

The Wonderful World of Bourbon

If you really want to impress your poker pals, ditch the Scotch and get acquainted with a real man’s whiskey: bourbon. The sour mash spirit, which usually comprises two-thirds corn, must be made in the U.S. to be called bourbon; about 95 percent of it comes from Kentucky. Too often, … Read More

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