Five Things You Should Know About Jazz

Theme and variations: these are the essential elements of jazz. Simple. The vast majority of jazz is one or more musicians establishing a theme – a song, riff or line – and futzing around with it. America’s gift to the arts, jazz started when the descendants of slaves brought sophisticated … Read More

Toronto Techno: Tempo at the Drake

When you hear the words “monthly techno night”, do visions of glow stick waving girlz and furtive e-dealers dance (and dance and dance) through your mind? Allow Tempo, a newish “monthly techno night” at the ever-urban Drake Hotel’s Underground room, to change all that. Since its launch in January, Tempo … Read More

Opera in Toronto

Just get over those ideas of fat ladies wearing Conan the Barbarian helmets. Opera is taking a cultural front seat in this town for some very big reasons. And hating to miss any great parties, XYYZ makes it easy for you to become conversant in this seemingly arcane art form. … Read More

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