Avoid the Marriage Five

It’s back to school this week and everywhere you turn there is an article about the freshman 15. Seeing as you’ve likely already lived through that era of your life, I thought I would touch on an equivalent experience that guys hovering around 30 may identify more easily. The average man gains five pounds a year once he is married. Let’s call it the Marriage 5. Here are some tips to avoid being another statistic.

Don’t finish your wife’s plate. Every guy has done this. He wolfs his own plate so fast and then finishes off whatever food his spouse has left on her plate. All those extra calories add up over time.

There is no such thing as sympathy hunger. When your wife is pregnant, she is going to eat more. This is natural because she is eating for two. Guys have a tendancy to eat more during this time as well. Stick to what you would normally eat and you’ll keep the pounds off.

Workout before getting home from work. Let’s face it. Your wife is going to want you home for dinner at a certain time. If you wait until after dinner to go workout, you’ll be less inclined, because she’s probably going to be watching TV on the couch, and after a nice dinner, it’s going to look very inviting. Miss a few workouts here and there and that means less calories being burned resulting in a potential weight gain. Workout before getting home so you can’t come up with excuses.

If you really want to make the wife happy, go for a walk with her after dinner. This will help with digestion, burn some extra calories and you’ll score some brownie points which in turn will help you get some action, which also burns calories. It’s a win win.

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