22 Cool Things We Learned This Year

1. People who played a video game as Joker were bigger jerks than those who played as Superman.

2. Knocking on wood helps.

3. Slacktivism encourages less giving.

4. White collar criminals are doing great in prison.

5. Bad bosses are the leading causes of workplace depression.

6. A glass of Scotch will help you solve creative problems.

7. Boobs age faster than the rest of the body.

8. You can get served quicker at a bar by standing squarely and looking the bartender in the eye.

9. College students are worse at the prisoner’s dilemma than actual prisoners.

10. College students are more rational than intelligence agents.

11. Gen X workers are the best workers. Mostly.

12. People who like BDSM are pretty well adjusted.

13. Open office plans are a bad idea.

14. Poor sleep is ruining your mental health.

15. You tend to love the terrible things you create.

16. Looking at pictures of food takes pleasure out of eating.

17. Most people would rather have worse pain now than wait for a bit of pain later.

18. James Bond was a raging drunk.

19. Priming people to make them think about money make them cheat.

20. Half of your employees will happily sell your data.

21. Taking pictures of an event ruins your memory of it.

22. Media coverage of a terrorist attack causes more stress than being present at said attack.

Photo courtesy of Space Ritual.



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