Mark Zuckerberg

Majority Rethink Facebook Use Following Data Mining Revelation

Some Canadians are thinking of deleting their Facebook accounts and many others are planning on modifying their use of the social media platform after it was recently revealed that the company has been mining users’ data. Seventy-three percent said they would be changing their Facebook habits, according to a survey … Read More


“letmein” & “starwars” Among Worst Passwords of 2017

Every year SplashData unveils its list of the worst passwords, proving that people don’t listen to advice and that 2017 was the year of Star Wars. The company generates its list using data from over five million passwords leaked by hackers over the past year. The list is particularly pertinent … Read More

22 Cool Things We Learned This Year

1. People who played a video game as Joker were bigger jerks than those who played as Superman. 2. Knocking on wood helps. 3. Slacktivism encourages less giving. 4. White collar criminals are doing great in prison. 5. Bad bosses are the leading causes of workplace depression. 6. A glass … Read More

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