The most common health problems men face (and how to fix them)

When facing the work week, dealing with the wife and kids, and managing daily tasks, the stress of life adds up. And it shows its effects most prominently in men’s physical and mental health. Some of the most common health problems men face are manageable if tended to in a … Read More

The Physical Sensation of Depression

In the spirit of opening up about mental health, here’s the thing about depression: you know how depressed people sometimes talk about a sinking feeling in their gut? It isn’t metaphorical, they’re actually feeling that. It hasn’t been a well-studied part of mental health, but a new study published in … Read More

Bad Bosses: The Leading Cause of Workplace Depression

It isn’t the pressure you’re under, the amount of work you have yet to finish, or even your idiot co-worker who’s always quipping “that’s what she said!” that’s making you depressed. Granted those things don’t help, especially your co-worker with dumb jokes (ahem, Joel from accounting!). The thing that’s really … Read More

Walking Eases Depression

Suffering in silence? Well, you can ease the suffering but keep the silence, if you must, by walking. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that exercise is linked with a reduction in depression. Researchers analysed data from over 1,900 people in their fifties who … Read More

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