Eat Fish For Your Brain’s Health

Want to prevent Alzheimer’s? Good new for you, then: eat fish about once a week. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that people who regularly eat fish have more voluminous brains than those who do not, and this helps protect them from Alzheimer’s. Specifically, … Read More

Your Brain on Coffee

Worried about what all that coffee is doing to your brain? Yeah, us too; we haven’t actually watched the video yet because we’re shaking from the sixteen cups we’ve had already. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

Go Easy on Yourself, For Your Health

Stressed? Of course you are. That said, you can be a better friend to yourself by being a better friend to yourself. A study published in Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity, found that self-compassion may be helpful in lowering one’s stress. Researchers had forty-one participants rate their levels of self-compassion by … Read More

Testosterone Increases the Brain’s Response to Threats

You’re looking a guy square in the eye—quick, how do you know if he’s pissing you off? Trick question—unless you have some kind of testosterone deficiency, you’re already predisposed to being a little pissed off. Researchers publishing in Biological Psychiatry have found that, not only does testosterone in healthy men … Read More

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