Holidays Around the World

Here in Canada, the winter holiday most widely celebrated is Christmas. Although Canada prides itself on having no national religion and supporting religious freedom, 67% of Canadians identify as Christian. While religion has a large impact on the type of holiday that is celebrated in your home and with your … Read More

Your New Years Motivational Speech

Granted, it’s a little weird to get your grit from a TV commercial, but this particular commercial is narrated by John Doman from the Wire and has Apocalyptica playing Metallica on cellos. So it’s pretty high on the badass scale. Per capita, anyway. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]   Photo courtesy of flickr. 

How to Survive the Holidays As a Single Guy

It’s that time of the year again. That time of year when your coupled-off friends are off doing snuggly, cutesy couple holiday things together, like ice skating and kissing under the mistletoe, and there you are, single, on the couch, watching The Holiday for the millionth time (editor’s note: or … Read More

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