GoPro on Ice

The NHL is partnering up with GoPro, and guess what? It looks pretty sweet. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

18 Coolest Things We Learned in 2014

Why We Choke “ . . . a person’s propensity to choke under pressure is directly related to how much they’re willing to tolerate loss—but it’s a bit counterintuitive. Those with high loss aversion choked when they stood to gain a lot, but those with low loss aversion choked when … Read More

NHL Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Want to get a jump on your holiday spirit? No? Too bad—the NHL has dropped a selection of ugly Christmas sweaters ($65), and they’ll go great with your NHL Christmas ornaments. So far, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia are represented. No Canadian teams? Hey, they aren’t even … Read More

People who Shoot Elephants, and More

Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant? – GQ “In addition to airfare, ammo, and equipment costs (the antique double-barreled Holland & Holland rifle Robyn bought for the trip typically sells for about $80,000), the Waldrips are paying Jeff Rann $60,000 for the privilege of shooting the animal, at least $10,000 … Read More

Why a Hot Goalie Isn’t a Better Goalie, and More

A Hot Goalie Isn’t a Better Goalie – Five Thirty Eight “But herein lies a great paradox: Despite goaltending’s outsize impact on the outcomes of hockey games, it’s extremely hard to say exactly which goalies are truly good or bad at their jobs.” What It’s Like to Spend 20 Years Listening to … Read More

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