Beer, Wikipedia, and the Battle Over JFK’s Legacy

Easy Money – New Yorker “They were giving away money. That was the reason I took the long subway ride from Brooklyn to Harlem one Sunday morning in August. Once I arrived, though, it was all too clear that I wasn’t the only one who had heard about the opportunity. … Read More

Iran’s Most Notorious Spymaster, Amazon, and the Rise of Allergies

The Rise of Food Allergies and First World Problems – Pacific Standard “If you have spent any time inside an elementary school classroom over the past few years, you have likely noticed signs banning peanuts or other types of food. The bans, which can apply to individual classrooms or entire … Read More

Container Shipping, Crack, and GTA V

The Women Who Mapped the Universe And Still Couldn’t Get Any Respect – Smithsonian “So began an era in Harvard Observatory history where women—more than 80 during Pickering’s tenure, from 1877 to his death in 1919— worked for the director, computing and cataloging data. Some of these women would produce … Read More

The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

Starving Settlers in Jamestown Colony Resorted to Cannibalism – Smithsonian New forensic evidence sheds some light on the desperate situation in Jamestown during their first winter. Trials and Error – The Walrus Bad forensic evidence is putting innocent Canadians in jail; here’s why. Dens of Bureaucracy – The New Inquiry … Read More

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