The Modern Man’s Best 7 Weekend Reads

The Allergy Buster – The New York Times We’re living in the age of severe allergies; so severe, that for some kids, trace contaminants can kill. However, a radical new treatment regimen spearheaded by Dr. Kari Nadeau, aims to desensitize kids of their allergies, and it’s working. Bringing Them Back … Read More

The Modern Man’s Best 6 Weekend Reads

Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Delicate Formula For Becoming America’s Best Friend – Vulture We love Mila Kunis when she talks to an awkward British guy, and Jennifer Lawrence when she kicks ass at the Oscars, but why? What Happened When Humans Met an Alien Intelligence? Sex Happened. – … Read More

The Modern Man’s 6 Best Weekend Reads

Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Crisis ‘A Tale of Two Ships’ – LA Times Some passangers aboard the beleaguered cruise ship Carnival Triumph formed Bible studies and passed the time quietly. Others hoarded condiments and devolved into tribalism. It turns out that William Golding didn’t need to set Lord of the … Read More

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