Black-ops Reputation Management, the Productivity Problem, and Game of Thrones

Omens – Aeon “There are good reasons for any species to think darkly of its own extinction. Ninety-nine percent of the species that have lived on Earth have gone extinct, including more than five tool-using hominids.” How to Be Prolific: Guidelines for Getting it Done from Joss Whedon – Fast … Read More

Password Cracking, Bank Robbing, and Fighting Over Dinosaur Bones

Anatomy of a Hack – Ars Technica Just how easy is it for a cracker to solve a password? Ars interviewed three crackers who demolished a list of 16,000 passwords, one with a 90% success rate. How A War Hero Became a Serial Bank Robber – Buzzfeed One combat medic … Read More

Video Game Economics, Aspergers, and Buying a Florida Panther’s Season Ticket

The Girl Who Turned to Bone – The Atlantic The search for a cure to a rare skeletal condition, and why curing rare diseases matters. For Stock Picking Advice, Don’t Ask an Economist – The New York Times Based on everything we know about stocks, it seems like insider trading … Read More

The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

Starving Settlers in Jamestown Colony Resorted to Cannibalism – Smithsonian New forensic evidence sheds some light on the desperate situation in Jamestown during their first winter. Trials and Error – The Walrus Bad forensic evidence is putting innocent Canadians in jail; here’s why. Dens of Bureaucracy – The New Inquiry … Read More

The Modern Man’s Weekly Reading List

Out in the Great Alone – Grantland The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pits participants against the very ends of the world. In this multi-part Grantland story, one writer follows the deadly race from the air. Find What You Love and Let It Kill You – The Guardian James Rhodes … Read More

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