Too many white kids are going to arts-focused schools … Really?

There are too many white kids going to Toronto’s publicly funded arts schools. That is the preliminary angle the Toronto Star ran with when it published this story on April 24, after receiving a copy of a soon to be published academic article produced by an associate professor at the … Read More

Painkillers & Liver Damage

Problem Chances are, you’ve taken some acetaminophen in the past week or so, though you may not have realised it. It’s in Tylenol, Sudafed, Nyquil, and scores of other drugs. Something else you may not realise: it’s really, really easy to take too much acetaminophen. Reality In fact, Health Canada … Read More

Say No To Voting

Man, sometimes the people we DON’T vote for win! And the people we DO vote for lose! That must mean democracy is dead, right guys?! Let’s all go to the comments section of the National Post, the Globe and Mail, and Toronto Star and have a tea party! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

Uncomfortable about Google Glass, and More

Through the Watching Glass – Medium “There’s a case to be made that wearable technology can connect oneself to one’s environment more than it isolates, by providing context that we otherwise wouldn’t see. But often it’s the rest of the world that bears the burden of that. The data ones face collects could … Read More

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