Slacktivism Hurts Giving, Charities, and Aid

Potential donors don’t give money when presented with the chance to provide support in the form of social media. A new study conducted at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, found that the more likely a person was to engage in a free act … Read More

Celebrity Charity Endorsements Don’t Work

Know that Bono endorses a bunch of charities, but can’t remember exactly which ones? Well, you’re not alone; new research suggests that celebrity endorsements don’t really help charities, but they sure as hell help said celebrities. Writing in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, researchers say that celebrities aren’t effective … Read More

Volunteer to Meet Girls in Toronto

We won’t tell you how great volunteering is for your community; you already know that. What you may not have considered is that it’s also a terrific way to meet women. While there is sadly no Models Without Borders (we checked), finding a single, civic-minded young lady is still relatively … Read More

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