VW’s New GTI

Porsche may be right that “There is no substitute”, but VW’s new GTI is nearly there – at half the price of a Boxster. Having read Road & Track’s April 2006 comparison test of the 197 HP Civic Si, the 207 HP JCW Mini Cooper S, and the 200 HP … Read More

Race Cars You Can Actually Afford

(The next in our series of advisory pieces on how to do extremely dangerous and barely legal things. (No, this isn’t about street racing.) So you think you can’t afford a Porsche. Or a race car. Actually, you can do both. If you can afford a $20,000 car, you can … Read More

Relinquish Your Inner Racer

We’ve got a suggestion for a few tweaks to your Sunday drive. Replace the countryside with a racetrack, and your SUV with a Reynard F2000. All right, so it’s not a typical Sunday, but then again, the Bridgestone Racing Academy’s Wheel-to-Wheel Racing course isn’t exactly a regular weekend. It’s a … Read More

Two-Wheeling in Toronto

Things are changing in Toronto. For many, they’ve become both recreation and transportation. City Hall recently announced its 2008 Bike Plan initiatives. These include 50 km of new bike lanes, Eglinton and Bloor-Danforth path upgrades, and the West Toronto Rail Path begins construction. Here’s what else is happening: Bike Month … Read More

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