Best of DailyXY in 2014

Our Brave New Bitcoin World “Both David and Kemper are confident that as digital currencies become more widely used, innovators will bring more proprietary technologies to the table in order to further enhance Bitcoin’s usability and security. “It’s really the early days,” says Kemper. “As advances come out, there’s a … Read More

Our Brave New Bitcoin World

“Imagine you’re sitting around a table at a restaurant, and the bill comes. It’s 500 bucks for a big group dinner, but $440 if you pay Bitcoin.” This is Joseph David, CEO of the Canadian Virtual Exchange (CAVIRTEX), Canada’s largest virtual exchange by market capitalization. “That’s where I see everything … Read More

Rooting for the Underdog, and More

May the Best Team Win? – Grantland “I should say here, in case it’s not obvious, that I’m thinking about this mostly because it’s March, which means college basketball is happening all over the place. And like many people, whenever I’m confronted with an NCAA tournament game between two schools … Read More

Jennifer Lawrence, and More

Beyond Mt.Gox – Reuters “Mt. Gox, at one time the biggest bitcoin exchange, abruptly stopped trading this week amid reports on the internet that more than 744,000 bitcoins – worth around $380 million at prevailing rates – had been stolen. If accurate, that would mean around 6 percent of the … Read More

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