The DailyXY Guide to Belgrade

At the confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers, in the heart of East-Central Europe, Belgrade is the sort of place where things happen. The city – Serbia’s capital since Yugoslavia’s 2006 dissolution – has been the site of 115-odd wars, and in WWII, it was bombed by both … Read More

The Canadian Economy in 2012

It’s not news to report that 2011 was a tough financial year on the international front. China, this decade’s promised capitalist wave-maker, saw its economic growth continue to cool, despite inflation coming (relatively) under control. Europe started and ended the year a mess, with the bottom expected to fall out … Read More

What to Do in Lisbon

Western Europe’s poorest capital is also its most underrated destination. The streets are lined with jaw-dropping architecture and inspiring graffiti; the city’s residents are young, beautiful and bohemian. DailyXY headed there for a taste of the vida boa. Drink: Finding the party in Lisbon is absurdly easy. On weekend nights … Read More

The Hikers’ Code Hits the Road

Just got back from a lovely vacation with family in Switzerland’s Val D’Anniviers. Driving the narrow roads with their 350o switchbacks — they’re the automotive equivalent to a ladder — is always thrilling and occasionally chilling. Especially if you don’t know the Hikers’ Code. A bunch of us hiked up Bella … Read More

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