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Which Country Has The World’s Most Powerful Passport?

The Passport Index ranks the world’s passports by the number of countries that are easily accessible by the passport holder. Which passport is the most powerful when it comes to traveling around the world? Singapore. The country earned the number-one spot after Paraguay removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, reports CNN. … Read More

Alternate Travel Destinations

As an active vacationer, possibly you’re tired of the same old, same old. Maybe you seek adventure not in the sense of danger and physical challenge, but in simply choosing to think outside the cartographic grid. Here, four emerging destinations that provide exciting, far-less-discovered alternatives to corresponding old favourites. Instead of … Read More

The Hikers’ Code Hits the Road

Just got back from a lovely vacation with family in Switzerland’s Val D’Anniviers. Driving the narrow roads with their 350o switchbacks — they’re the automotive equivalent to a ladder — is always thrilling and occasionally chilling. Especially if you don’t know the Hikers’ Code. A bunch of us hiked up Bella … Read More

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