Stolen Riches Laces

Serious about shoes? Then we suppose you’re serious about laces too. Enter Stolen Riches, a shoelace concern nearing their centennial, and their high-end laces. What makes them high-end? Fashionable colours and silver or gold tips. If you like orange, green, and pink, try their Hipster box ($75), if you’re more … Read More

The Cure for Hipster

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube] With widespread acceptance of this new wonder drug, our local Starbucks won’t be so full of smelly people talking about their all-synth band.

Thanksgiving, Or Whatever

Intimate knowledge of Instagram etiquette, mixology and terrible fashion? Gasp! Looks like we’ve got another hipster-created hipster parody video. It’s like looking into a sepia-filtered Escher painting. [youtube width=”599″][/youtube]

Boutique Grocery Stores in Toronto

Since the recession first hit, Toronto fine dining has swung decidedly downscale, with the city’s trendy eaters instead becoming enamored with “upscale” versions of traditionally unfussy, economical standbys like eggs, grilled cheese and hamburgers. A curious corollary is that middle class types are more than willing to pay inflated prices … Read More

Making Christmas Cool in Vancouver

The problem with being young and hip at Christmas is trying to find something cool enough to do. Listening reverently to choirs or watching family-friendly musicals is fine and all, but chances are you’ll be surrounded by lots of nice churchgoing people. If you’re anything like us, nice and churchgoing … Read More

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