Boutique Grocery Stores in Toronto

Since the recession first hit, Toronto fine dining has swung decidedly downscale, with the city’s trendy eaters instead becoming enamored with “upscale” versions of traditionally unfussy, economical standbys like eggs, grilled cheese and hamburgers. A curious corollary is that middle class types are more than willing to pay inflated prices … Read More

Top Montreal Patisseries

With winter in the not-so-distant future and an always crisp Montreal fall already underway, it’s time to bulk up a bit, for “hivernation.” There’re really only two ways to go about this: skimping on cardio, or gorging on every pastry in sight. We know that disappointment can hit hard when … Read More

Sweet Tooth: Vancouver’s Best Desserts

Booze is delightful, but sometimes a different sort of indulgence is what you need to unwind. Here, Vancouver’s best desserts. Berry Trifle at Sweet Revenge This old-fashioned café offers many tempting homemade treats. Our favourite: English sponge cake soaked in Grand Marnier, with vanilla custard and fresh local berries. 4160 … Read More

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