5 Common Wedding Blunders

Indeed, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we are publishing an article on weddings. Surely, none of you will deny that weddings require more preparation than does V-Day. As well, you’ll agree that, if you haven’t yet made plans for tonight, you’re up a creek and nothing DailyXY can do is likely … Read More

Home Renovation Horrors

The last movie Mike Holmes watched was Wes Craven’s latest, My Soul to Take. “It was pretty good, actually,” he says. “You should watch it.” This advice from the Carhartt-clad contractor diverges from that of just about everyone else who’s seen the bizarrely plotted slasher flick. But then, we don’t … Read More

Surf’s Up at the Frankfurt Auto Show

One of the world’s oldest and largest motor expos, the Frankfurt Auto Show (in 2011, Sept. 15 – 25) will be debuting numerous new vehicles and prototypes when the doors open tomorrow. The most radical-looking drives tend to be concepts that induce a sort of artificial high in visitors, who … Read More

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