Study Says Water On Mars May Actually Be Sand

Scientists believed they found evidence of water on Mars after spotting dark streaks on the red planet in 2011. These streaks, called recurring slope linae (RSL), appeared to indicate the presence of water beneath the surface. However, researchers now think the RSL may actually be granular flows of sand and … Read More

5 Essential Reasons To Stay Hydrated

Our body is made up of at least 60% water. Practically every system in our body uses water, so we’re constantly using and expelling water—as sweat, urine, moisture in our breath, and so on. While there lots of reasons that can change how much water a person needs, it’s estimated that most men need about three … Read More

This is Water

Most commencement speeches aren’t worth remembering. This is Water, an address delivered in 2005 to Kenyon College by novelist David Foster Wallace, is one of the few exceptions. After Wallace died in 2008, the speech (of which you can read a full transcription here) took on a life of it’s own … Read More

Science: It’s Magic!

Disclaimer: this isn’t magic, but we also know that trying to explain something without a thorough understanding of it first is how trouble starts. We’re looking at you, YouTube comments section. [youtube width=”720″][/youtube]

This is a test