Alternative Continuing Education in Toronto

Ever wonder about that spam email that promises to increase your organ size by at least three inches? Don’t. The organ worth growing is between your ears — not your legs. Women will tell you that wit and wisdom takes you places. So we say, get thee to night school! Word has it that most continuing education classes boast a higher female to male enrollment, making them the perfect “safe zone” to exercise your prowess and grey matter. Here are some recommendations.

Creative Comedy Improv

If “Hi, I think you smell fancy” strikes as a reasonable pick up line, then it’s time to build some verbal finesse skills. Improv gets you thinking on your feet, which is hugely beneficial in most situational comedies, be they at the bar or the boardroom. Humber College.

Camera-Ready Combat
Get some action. Play time utilizes clubs, swords, quarterstaffs and more intriguing weapons with scary pronunciations in cinematic situations from bar-brawls to martial arts melees. Don’t think you can fight a girl? Think again! Fight Directors Canada.

Complete Chess for Beginners and Novices
Chess club has changed a lot since 8th grade. OK, you’ll still encounter the occasional tubby dude with B.O. and coke-bottle glasses, but expect to go head-to-head with some fine young things, too. Master a new set of rules, moves, and strategies to win your queen. George Brown College.

Invention 101

Always wanted to turn a DeLorean into a time machine? Play mad scientist with other entrepreneurial hopefuls. You may not win a place in CBC’s Dragons’ Den, but at least you’ll have some fun formulating new ideas — and relationships. Centennial College.

Hand Binding
No, not to the bedpost! We’re talking about the gentlemanly, if not nearly extinct pursuit, of bookbinding. Learn how to make own journals, sketchbooks, little black books. Ryerson.

Creative Writing

Your friends won’t read your blog, and still your literary aspirations persist. Take heart, countless writing workshops in column, novel, travel and even comic book manuscript writing help you get the elements of style and that hot little bookworm. George Brown College.

Computer Game Creation for Non-Programmers

You’ve put a thousand hours into wasting alien scum and cruisin’ the mean streets of San Andreas. Now, take it to the next level by making the games instead of playing them. And no, you don’t need to be a coder — just creative. Sheridan College.

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