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Pee May Hold The Key To One’s Biological Age

A person with wrinkles and gray hair may be healthier than someone in their 40s with jet black hair and a smooth face. An individual’s physical attributes don’t necessarily indicate his “biological age.” Chinese scientists believe a chemical in urine can reveal information about a person’s biological age. This indicates … Read More

Aging Population Is Good For Business

You’re an entrepreneur at heart, the timing has finally arrived for your leap into the world of business startups, but now the action-stopping tumult of analysis paralysis has started creeping in and you’re having trouble committing to a specific plan. You’ve considered the options, weighed the pros and cons, and … Read More

Long-Term Unemployment Makes Men Age Quicker

The news for the long-term unemployed just keeps getting worse. Turns out, it can cause premature aging. A study published in PLOS One found that men unemployed for longer than 500 days was associated with having shorter telomeres, which is associated with quicker aging. Telomeres are stretches of DNA at … Read More

5 Relationship Stigmas We Need to Get Over

It is tricky enough meeting someone new, getting along on a first date, and then finding happiness and excitement in the meetings to come. Each step of the way brings it with boundless questions, concerns, and curiosities, and they often all swirl around at once in your head offering little … Read More

How To Dress Your Age

There comes a time when a man must put away hoodie sweaters and faded rock band t-shirts to move to a more mature look. You can get away with wearing those things in college, but when you reach adulthood that is when you need to start thinking about looking a … Read More

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