What Women Want (You to Wear)

I’m a sucker for a well-dressed man, especially in the summer heat. I’m not looking for cutting edge fashion; just a few judiciously chosen pieces that offer a guy that effortless, fresh from the beach look – even if he’s working hard at it, and he’s nowhere near a beach. Here … Read More

Boutique Showdown: Attik vs. Marlboro Classics

What’s your true nature? Are you (a) a rugged, laid-back chap or (b) a hard-partying night owl? Embark on a quest for self-knowledge by heading to Cours Mont Royal, where two new clothing stores have recently opened: Montreal’s own Attik, and Marlboro Classics, a Canadian outpost of the European fashion … Read More

Sydney’s Upstairs Boutique

Sydney Mamane is showing me a lamp. “Someone said it was steampunk,” says Mamane, the owner of Sydney’s, one of Toronto’s toniest menswear stores. “I didn’t know what steampunk was.” The lamp is an antique; its provenance, medical. In the 1930s, it loomed over patients in a hospital room or … Read More

Brooks Brothers Arrives

Vancouver has never dared compare itself to New York, and yet, within the shadow of Hotel Vancouver – a kind of Plaza Hotel for Alberni and Burrard – a block-long Big Apple has taken shape. It’s here, alongside Tiffany & Co., Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson, that iconic menswear retailer … Read More

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