Back It Up

Think about what’s on the laptop you’re using now. If it’s your personal computer, it probably has all of your digital pics (including those racy ones from last New Year’s Eve) and your entire collection of CDs (it took you weeks to upload them to iTunes). If it’s a computer … Read More


If you already own an iPhone, you know it’s more than an iPod-with-a-phone; it’s an always-on mobile computing device. Since February, propeller heads the world over have been feverishly working to develop third party applications that help you unleash the iPhone’s mobile computing power by taking advantage of its features … Read More

Feeling the Home Theatre

Rejoice, movie geeks. Home theatre gear – especially audio – has become a bargain; DVDs have never looked and sounded better. Show off your home theatre’s capabilities to your friends with these movies. Live Free or Die Hard The picture and sound provide a rationalization for enjoying the cheesefest. The … Read More

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