Explorer Mouse

I’m not a fan of the mouse pad. Aside from that ridiculous name, I find shameless attempts at self-promotion (i.e. place company logo here), dumb pictures of the family pet, or some ridiculously trippy, colourful swirls. Luckily, I’ve shelved the pad for Microsoft’s Explorer Mouse, which functions on virtually every … Read More

Home Theatre: the D-Box

Think that $15,000 home theatre upgrade fulfilled your check list of entertainment goodies? Well some crafty Montreal-based engineers have concocted yet another in-house accoutrement for movie aficionados and game junkies. Dubbed the D-BOX Screening Room Series, this leather puppy appears like your run-of-the-mill lazy boy, except it’s juiced up with … Read More

Back It Up

Think about what’s on the laptop you’re using now. If it’s your personal computer, it probably has all of your digital pics (including those racy ones from last New Year’s Eve) and your entire collection of CDs (it took you weeks to upload them to iTunes). If it’s a computer … Read More

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