5 Detox Foods That Actually Work

Skinny teas, 7-day juice cleanses and fad diets, you’ve probably seen it all. With all these products and solutions boasting promises of cleansing toxins and weight loss, whether they actually work or not is truly debatable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on solutions that don’t promise results, why not … Read More

Fake news: Most of the health rules you’ve been taught your whole life are false

Don’t sit so close to the television, you’ll go blind. You have to wait an hour after eating before going swimming. There are tons of health claims that have been thrown at me my whole life, and I’ve never stopped to ask whether or not there was any truth to … Read More

Challenging Acceptance: The Food Guide

One of my best teachers from nutrition school has a saying: “Where everyone thinks alike, no one thinks at all.” Though generally accepted, I am not in support of Canada’s Food Guide, or the American Food Pyramid, or the whole Five-A-Day campaign that was all over the UK when I … Read More

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