High sodium Pre Packaged Food

Packaged Food Have Failed To Lower Sodium Despite 2016 Target

Efforts to reduce sodium in processed foods have failed, according to the report recently released by Health Canada. In fact, the targets were so off that the report shows that sodium levels in some foods have actually increased. Needless to say, Health Canada’s strategy to lower sodium levels has resulted in a … Read More

Dining with Personal Gourmet

Recently launched in the GTA, Personal Gourmet is nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman’s pre-prepared, frozen meal delivery service. As the name suggests, Reisman’s brand promises high quality ingredients, without preservatives or chemicals. Dishes cost approx. $7-$10, and are ordered through a virtual supermarket complete with pictures. They are offered in … Read More

Facebook Timeline

A few days ago, Facebook announced that over the course of the next few weeks the company would roll out — really, migrate — all users onto its new virtual space feature, Timeline. Less politely, this means that Timeline is being forced on Facebookers: Until recently, users had been able … Read More

Vancouver Yoga: Semperviva Studios

Vancouver was arguably Canada’s earliest adopter of yoga culture, though in the ’70s the scene was almost entirely female. The modern scene, locally, nationally and internationally, is moving towards a much better balance of the sexes. Here in Van city, Semperviva Yoga Studios offers a combination of class styles for one … Read More

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