Holly Williams: “Drinkin’”

Not every country song is sad and about dogs running away, people losing their jobs, and dysfunctional marriage . . . but this one is, and that’s okay because Holly Williams is great. [youtube width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD7vlDCbj1w[/youtube]

Introducing: Wiser’s Spiced Whisky

In university, one of my devastatingly honest female friends, Elisa, told me I’d have better luck with women if I kept a more diverse liquor shelf. “You only drink scary things like whisky and dark rum. Women want something sweet and non-threatening.” Good advice. I started keeping a bottle of … Read More

Decoding Your Drunk Girlfriend

Alcohol. It can be a huge help in making a date with a new girl less awkward, or a fun way to spice up routine outings with your longtime lover. On the flipside are more extreme possibilities — notably, physical illness from over-consumption (you wanted to hold her hair, but not … Read More

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