The Emotional Cost of an Election

Your party won the election? Congratulations, you won’t care tomorrow. Wait, you guys lost? Well, prepare for a bit of suffering. A study published as part of the JFK School of Government Working Paper Series has found that people whose party win the election are barely any happier than before, … Read More

Canada’s “New” Age of Majority

Unless you spent Monday beneath a rock, you already know that Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party earned its first parliamentary majority this week. It’s hard to imagine a more favourable outcome for the formerly put-upon PM: his party has 167 seats, two of the three men he stared down (or avoided … Read More

Double-Double Trouble

DailyXY, caffeinated edition. Which is to say: more caffeinated than usual. Who doesn’t need coffee, every day? I need coffee. Every day, and especially now. Thinking myself invincible, I arrived home at 5:00am+ following an overnight of misbehaving. (There were extenuating circumstances that involved my profession; still…) I returned to … Read More

Political Party Hearty

The federal election looms, May 2. If you’re tired of the typical Green-Con-Lib-Newdem-Bloc options, there are fourteen other officially registered parties (who knew?). Here’s the first in a series of weekly quick-guides to help you separate the pranks from the cranks; how to best use, or abuse, your most fundamental … Read More

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