Taste MTL

This year, Tourisme Montreal is launching a ten-day festival called TASTE MTL, where both local and visiting gourmands can expect creative cookery paired with upscale dining. The event, known worldwide as Restaurant Week, takes place in every major foodie capital in North America — from Vancouver to NYC — and looks … Read More

Montreal’s Café Falco

Here’s a Mile End hotspot that’s by no means a secret, but is certainly a gem worthy of extra searching. After snaking down industrialized side streets, getting distracted by train tracks, and deciphering wall-to-wall graffiti on abandoned buildings, we finally find our way into Café Falco. This vibrant and intelligently … Read More

Montreal: Cool Spots for Hot Days

By now you’re long out of hibernation, reveling in Montreal’s short but glorious sun-filled months. As always, this season brings a few new additions to the city’s restaurant roster. We’ve sorted through them to bring you three gems, perfect for summer. Lucille’s Oyster Dive Monkland Avenue has long awaited a … Read More

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