Instagram is a business blockbuster

If Facebook is the cult hit of the social media world, Instagram is the blockbuster for businesses. Companies more and more are discovering that users engage more often on Instagram than Facebook or Twitter. L2 Inc last year analyzed Instagram’s effect on business in their Intelligence Report, finding that “Instagram … Read More

Looking at Food Pictures Makes Eating Worse

We all hate people who fill their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with an endless cavalcade of poorly-focused food pictures, and now there’s proof that they’re making our lives worse, therefore making that hatred totally not irrational. Okay, maybe still a bit irrational. A study published in the Journal of Consumer … Read More

Instagrams of the Rich and Awesome

Newly-acquired Toronto Blue Jays shortstop, Jose Reyes, is a man of many talents. In addition to being a damn fine infielder, 2011 batting champion and all-around very good baseball player, he also oozes with style and charisma, as evidenced by his prolific Instagram feed. With over 15,000 followers and counting, … Read More

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