Alternative Continuing Education in Toronto

Ever wonder about that spam email that promises to increase your organ size by at least three inches? Don’t. The organ worth growing is between your ears — not your legs. Women will tell you that wit and wisdom takes you places. So we say, get thee to night school! … Read More

Lessons from Shakespeare

Some people spend the summer training for triathlons; at XYYZ we give our writers even more onerous tasks. XYYZ contributor Craig MacBride has spent his entire summer reading Shakespeare so you don’t have to. He has condensed each play into a single life lesson that guys can use. (And not … Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Jazz

Theme and variations: these are the essential elements of jazz. Simple. The vast majority of jazz is one or more musicians establishing a theme – a song, riff or line – and futzing around with it. America’s gift to the arts, jazz started when the descendants of slaves brought sophisticated … Read More

Danforth Dining: Beyond Greek

All year round, not just during the upcoming Taste of the Danforth Festival, many of Toronto’s finest women dress up and flock to the Danforth to promenade between Broadview and Donlands. They display a European flair and pride in femininity that most of the city lacks. Window or sidewalk seats … Read More

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